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Things that have changed since Gina Clayton-Tarvin took over:

     •   A 10% raise was given in less than 2 years.

     •   3 schools shut down for containing asbestos – At a cost of over $20Million the decision was made to leave asbestos in the schools. It would have cost only $500,000 to completely remove the asbestos and a 

         2 week delay. Gina Clayton-Tarvin led the Board to keep the asbestos so Hope View (where her child attended) would not have a delay in the schedule. (March 2015 Board Minutes)

     •   Test Scores have plummeted. See Register article ( We are no longer a leader in the County. (

     •   Parents must be fingerprinted at their own cost to volunteer (August 16, 2016 Board Minutes/Board Policy 1240)

     •   Removal of Saturday Academy (January 13, 2015 Board Minutes)

     •   Reduced the community input and transparency by reducing the number of members on the Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC). (February 3, 2015 Board Minutes/Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 3100)

     •   Moved meeting start time from 7PM (closed session 6 pm) to 6 PM (closed session 5 pm) to reduce working parent/community input. (February 3, 2015 Board Minutes/Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 9322)

     •   Unions were given 5 minutes to address the Board of Trustees and the Public remains at 3 minutes. (January 8, 2015 Board Minutes/Administrative Regulation 9323)

The asbestos at our schools has not been removed as Gina Clayton-Tarvin has publicly been telling parents and the community

These are the reports that prove it:
 AHERA Asbestos Report clearly showing Hope View Elementary is NOT "asbestos free" as Gina claims to parents and the media

AHERA Asbestos Report clearly showing Lake View Elementary is NOT "asbestos free" as Gina claims to parents and the media

AHERA Asbestos Report clearly showing Oak View Elementary as NOT "asbestos free" Gina claims to parents and the media

AHERA_grand jury report_2016-06-30.pdf

OVSD's official AHERA 3-Year Management Plans

Youtube video of Gina Clayton -Tarvin being less than truthful about the removal of asbestos from our schools

Another Youtube video of Gina Clayton -Tarvin being less than truthful about the removal of asbestos from our schools

OVSD Board President Gina Clayton Tarvin Denying Asbestos at Lake View School

OVSD Board President Gina Clayton Tarvin walks away from asbestos questions by community member

More hard questions for Gina at the 7/15/16 OVSD board meeting

The AHERA reports have shown for years and years and years the district knew about the asbestos in our schools.  It was not a problem.
Apparently the only one who was surprised to learn about the asbestos was Crooked Gina.  And then Gina needlessly scared everyone that the
sky was falling..  Now she is taking the credit for "saving the children".   She needs to take credit for wasting tens of millions of tax dollars and
not even finishing the job.

Gina Clayton-Tarvin wasting time playing silly political games and not focusing on children

OVSD board meeting public comments. Speaker Sue Gordon

Chris Epting speaks at OVSD meeting 11/3/15

New OVSD Board Policy charging  parents money in order to volunteer

New OVSD Board Policy (1240) which CHARGES parents for the privilege to VOLUNTEER at school with their student.  You must submit to a  lifetime of police reporting to district administrators

New OVSD Board Policy (1240)  flowchart illustrating the new complexities now involved  just for parents to VOLUNTEER at school.
  State law already requires volunteers may NEVER be alone with students

The OVSD has had 2 incidents of improper behavior with children.  Both incidents were TEACHERS, not parents.  The OVSD already has a policy which requires volunteers are NEVER to be alone with a child.
A teacher must always be present.  

Vote NO on Bond Measure R  -  $169 Million Bond

Mr. Larry Pratt questions OVSD Trustee President Gina Clayton-Tarvin on Bond Numbers.  Tarvin needs more not less.

Bond Measure R - $169 million bond opposition   Gina Clayton-Tarvin supports Bond Measure R

Gina Clayton Tarvin audio regarding Bond Measure R

Transparancy Issues

Gina Clayton-Tarvin fails to properly report her campaign finances. (Transparency is not her thing) . Gina Clayton-Tarvin is under investigation
by the Fair Political Practices Commission for allegedly failing to comply with California campaign finance reporting laws. Her blatant lack
of transparency and carelessness is not a good quality for our elected leader.  Send her home.  Stay tuned for the outcome.

Other Public Information

Exposing The Lies: My Interview With School Board President Gina Clayton Tarvin (WITH AUDIO)

Gina Clayton-Tarvin salary history

Ocean View School District website

Gina Clayton Tarvin is a teacher in the ABC School District in Cerritos, CA where she is the teachers union representative.
As President of the Board of the Ocean View School District she has taken Carol Hansen from the ABC School District and
brought her here.  Gina Clayton has also brought over to Ocean View another pal, Mr. Joe Weber who was a supervisor of Accounting
and is not our Director of Fiscal Services.  She is filling up our district with her friends.  How nice of her to do this for the children.

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